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Top SEO Reseller Website and Services to Follow

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The SEO reseller program allows our customers to provide excellent service under their brand. As a privileged partner, enjoy the luxury of repackaging all or part of your SEO services! Get consistent access to tools, reports, analysis, and more on the market!

Occupying the market

Does it crush all of the competitors? Easily attract customers who are looking for you online. But even if you are looking for a specific competitor and you ultimately become a customer, how are you going to win? You can do this in cooperation with a world-class agent. Prepare to attract new customers, move existing customers, and get the most out of your digital agency. We are committed to finding the right strategic partner and developing our business as quickly as possible.

Product expansion

Now is the time to diversify your current digital marketing capabilities. It’s an award-winning, high-performance digital marketing technology partner program, and that’s what you need. Growth partnerships through honesty, transparency, sharing, and management, let’s drive our brand online as we transform our business.

Sales increase

Connect with digital marketing leaders to leverage the power of the web to reach more customers and generate higher revenues. In addition to finding more customers, this partnership provides economies of scale, thereby reducing overall costs. So you can make sales twice at a low cost, so you don’t have to go through the process of adding new sales members to your team at all.


Use our award-winning digital marketing partner program to access your company’s global customers from any time zone or continent. It’s time to take your digital marketing business from the starting level to the “expert” level.

Get a trusted company

What is the essential thing in running your own business? The digital marketing partnership program is not only a regular source of income but also an opportunity to take it to the next level!

Best digital marketing resource

Improve your current digital marketing skills and improve your skills by getting properly organized training directly from the best in the business. If you go to the market and find this type of digital marketing training, you are spending a lot of money. Therefore, this is your chance to get free training on all “on-demand” digital marketing services.

Most companies face scalability issues. Regarding services based on the following capacities:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Web Development. If your website based on your SEO Seven star Web solutions plans to activate. Provide service by providing Reduce process costs and deliver the same benefits. Your splendid service. Proud the Delhi Seven Star Web Solutions. In cooperation with various global digital distributors. Premium SEO India reseller program. Proven track record of success will help you deliver Efficient service in SEO India labelling. Experienced Private / White. The SEO dealer service schedule in India will help you. You focus on all the positive aspects and strategies.

Maximize your business

Today digital marketing is a booming industry, and today it is hoped that almost all business groups will occupy an important place in digital marketing. If you are looking for the same dream, you can adopt an effective search engine optimization strategy to achieve it. But taking this method means a significant investment in money and time. Can all organizations spend too much time and energy? Almost no!, the SEO reseller program is the right choice with the ability to meet your needs.

SEO Experts India always thinks of long-term partnerships with business partners and customers. I believe that the main objective of the company is to build relationships with customers, partners, employees, suppliers, and stakeholders.


The main objective of the partnership program is to enable the growth of the company, and the improvement of profitability, whatever the current size. We offer a wide range of services to help you capitalize on new sources of income. Also, providing sufficient sales support will not only speed up the sales cycle of SEO Experts India and improve delivery capacity but will also help reduce costs and increase local competitiveness market.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

How To Recover And Recorrect Of Penalized Sites By Using Panda Algorithm

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A lot of websites resorted to spamming, and this was a big headache for the search engines. Hence many algorithms were put in place to help sift through such websites that had low-quality content and stuffed with keywords. It was a big blow for many of the retail sites, and they could see the slack in sales. As an SEO developer, you would have to keep a keen eye to check on the panda updates that have impacted your site. Usually, the drop in traffic is a sure sign along with the ranking for your keywords have gone down. There may be notifications from the search engine’s end about unnatural links. It’s your wakeup call and that you will have to get your website back on track.

Why the penalty?
When the ranks drop, after the initial shock, you would have to check out ways to fix it. These penalties levied by the search engines can impact the conversions and revenues of the business if not rectified. Google Panda recovery services will help make a detailed audit of the circumstances and analyze the next steps to recovery buy evaluating the following
  • The site’s code
  • Associated backlinks
  • Competitors
  • On-page content
When you have information, it would be easier to get hold of chances for improvement and help recover the lost rankings. There are also special services rendered that help sites who haven’t been employing best SEO practices. Google Panda recovery services offer the best clean up service and help you set course for a plan of action. The penalties are due to
  • Low-quality content
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Excessive advertisements
How to get back?
The road to recovery is tough and many have taken over a year to get back to the rankings that they lost out on because of the updated algorithms. With the help of Panda, you are the site will be up and about rather quickly than the rest of the affected sites. If you happen to make good use of the services, the sites who have recovered their rankings effectively got back their traffic and experienced an increase as well. The site has to undergo checks for
  • Duplicate content
  • Poor quality content
  • Block crawlers from reaching non-fixable pages
When you get rid of these issues and work on the content for an appealing one so that the audience can get back to your site as before or perhaps even more.
The backlinks are the issue most of the time. When the sites are not able to get backlinks of certain repute, your site bears the brunt. The Panda services will work on the specific links that hamper your chances some of them may be
  • Blog links
  • Forum links
  • Article links
  • Paid links
  • Scraper links
  • And many more
The job would include removing those links and get them moved to other pages. This move will result in a loss of short-tailed keywords for your site; this should not get your worried as the services will take care that the current pages won’t have to bear the loss. They will make sure you get trusted links with quality content on your site.

Why you need recovery services?
When the algorithms are imposed on the site, only the relevant sites stay put, but several sites are susceptible if they don’t buckle up and make sure that they follow proper SEO practices. The penalty is very painful as you end up low ranked and your entire marketing plan would go for a toss. Google Panda recovery services help you get back on your feet as they have an effective but complicated plan of recovery.

The need of the hour is to get back to the board and improve on user experience by adopting powerful and admissible SEO techniques that leverage you in a good way in the ranking ladder. There are several strategies that Panda employs to resolve your problem. They would work their way through the basic issues to the more complex ones that got you in the eye of the storm. They would unwind the knots and join the right dots so that your recovery is faster and better.


You will have to be abreast of the latest changes in the google algorithms and make sure that your website is up to date. With the right corrective plan of action and work towards not getting into those areas again.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

What is the Online Assessment Management Service?

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Many companies are looking for help from reputable companies online to make sure their reputation is in good condition or to repair a company in bad shape. The service uses a variety of strategies to attract consumers online.

In 2019, we reviewed and evaluated nearly 50 online reputation management services and software, and found the best option for professionals, including businesses and corporate executives.

During the survey, we searched for companies that offer the best reputation protection online and the best online reputation management. It is a summary of what we say is the best service and how to choose it.

Consumers are highly rated online, so companies need to manage their reviews actively. Here you can know the moment to post new comments that you want to search for as much content as possible and respond to each of them, good or bad. A/c to the survey, more than half of consumers expect businesses to leave a response.

Comment management has become a necessity in online reputation management services, and some companies offer dedicated software to manage all of their online reviews on a targeted platform — the number of companies seeking help for these services and software expected to increase by 2019.

What is the Online Assessment Management Service?

Online reputation management helps brands ensure the best online presence. The service allows customers (and prospects) to see news and positive reviews in the first place while searching for your business.

For companies that deal with negative information online, these services expand your commenting strategy by tapping bad words into the first pages of search results.

For companies with a significant online presence, online reputation management services can monitor the Web and ensure reputation, and businesses can respond quickly to adverse events.

It also ensures that online reviews are positive, which can include crisis response and notification management in case of severe problems with online reputation management.

Reputation management services are needed?

People think that only companies with low online status need such services, but true all businesses can benefit to some extent from online reputation management.

Bad reputation companies can use these companies to edit their images. Adopt appropriate strategies to eliminate many negative comments about brands online. Such an approach can create new positive content to add negative articles to search results. If you need immediate attention to important events, you can use a crisis management strategy.

This is a valuable service to have someone who spies on the Web to mention your brand.
Reputation management companies can promote positive news when the news and positive comments viewed online.


Search Engine Optimization: These companies ensure that online content correctly optimized for search engines. Make sure they contain the appropriate keywords, metadata, and titles and make sure people posted when they are looking for your company or business in the industry.

Content Creation: These companies create content such as articles, Guest posts, and company profiles.

Comment Management: The Online Notes Management Service can monitor online reviews for sites such as Google, Facebook etc. It allows anybody to respond quickly to negative comments and promote positive feedback. This is helps with the acquisition of journals. Some companies specialized in these strategies. They provide a platform to handle all these tasks in one place.

Social Media Management: An online reputation management company can manage all your social media. It lets you create a profile on all relevant social channels, decide which sites will reveal what content and when, and not have negative comments or monitor your network.

Third-Party Website Monitoring: In addition to monitoring social media pages, the Online Ratings Management service monitors other sites to determine if your company is talking about your business. It includes review not only sites (Yelp or Glassdoor, etc.) but also other websites or blogs that discuss business. This is the way where you will know what people are saying and what your business is talking.


What's going on in 2019

In 2019, an excellent online reputation is even more critical. According to the survey, more and more consumers want to see online statements that they are considering buying a product or service.
Companies should note that consumers pay more attention to online reviews. In business for 2019, it is a priority to keep new positive opinions and to keep positive opinions. In the Bright Local survey, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 73% of respondents believe and respond more to local businesses with a positive rating.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Website Optimization and SEO Services for Small Business

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Consumers currently prefer local online search engine results to traditional directories (such as yellow pages). The more you look on the Internet, the more customers will contact you for doing business. Local SEO services can boost sales at affordable SEO services for Small business be like.

The results of the study are as follows.
  • More than a third (36%) of SMEs use SEO strategies. Another 23% will adopt an SEO strategy in 2019.
  • Almost half of SMEs (48%) invest in SEO content marketing, an increase of 16% since 2018.
  • More than half of SMEs (54%) rely on insiders to provide SEO Services, almost double the number of SEO agency hired (28%). Traffic from search engines (25%) is an essential measure for small and medium-sized businesses to determine the success of their SEO strategies, tracking potential customers and conversions (19%) and backlinks (14%). Another 17% of companies will invest in PPC in 2019.
  • Just like big business, local search engine optimization (SEO) and website optimization services for small business are becoming a requirement for local and small companies to compete and generate profit in the local market. Gone are the days when local advertising banners were considered the best way to attract more business, and people now rely on search engines to search for products locally.
  • If you want to increase your customer base and your turnover in a local or small business, you should consider SEO as a recruiting agency, restaurant, dentist, driving school, gym, catering provider, electrician, broker, garage, plumbing.
  • There are employees, lawyers, accountants, salons, couriers, photographers, etc. In terms of local services, most people search the Internet using Google, online directories, online advertising, and offers and conduct private searches.
  • In recent years, the number of Internet searches, including locations, has increased from hundreds to hundreds. This is the only way the best and most affordable SEO services for small business is the way to advertise for someone when your region is looking for the same function as you. If you want to increase your customer base in a local or small business, this is considered the most effective and targeted form of advertising.

By implementing the "Affordable SEO Services for Small Business" on their website, Indian SEO experts:

Place your site on the first page of Google. Get more visitors to your site. Get more calls to your office/store. Attract more visitors to potential customers and sales. Affordable SEO Services for small businesses and is a great way to boost your business with local search results. Local search engine optimization and search engine optimization and website optimization services are the use of search engine strategies to increase the site's position in a specific local market. Local and small SEO technologies include Google SEO, a regional referral, a list of local online directories, and page optimization and website optimization services. The results obtained by optimizing local search engines prove that this is an important Internet marketing strategy for local small and medium-sized businesses.

SEO experts optimizing local pages for small businesses in Indian companies:

It is essential that search engines understand the full content and location of local companies. This requires an excellent website optimization services of the local page. Local search technology SEO experts in India ensures that the site is search engine friendly.
Website optimization services for local search. Local SEO experts ensure that search engines understand your business and target customers and regions. This is done using localized website optimization services of keywords, NAP data (name, address, phone number) and scheduling tags.
Local map optimization. It's essential to correctly list your company on Google Maps and other map services. Our local SEO experts can simplify map listings by adding or filling out profiles, recommending comments, listing missing listings, and standardizing NAP data.
Local content marketing: Our SEO experts optimize website content and attract local customers. Our goal is to create vibrant, fun and creative content with you to attract local viewers.

Local links created by SEO experts from Indian companies for small businesses:

Creating a business service area and strategy for networking in the industry is an essential element of local SEO. Local SEO experts have a proven relationship-building approach with which customers can find you, competitors.

Positive quotes. Quotes are one of the most critical components of Google's local ranking algorithm. Local SEO experts create/standardize links through reputable, trusted and reliable portals (e.g. Yelp, Gouden Gids).

Hyperlocal starts: in many areas, the site is tracked by the community and highly rated by search engines. A local SEO expert will identify you and create a list for best results.
Targeted advertising. After several years of practice, we have developed a proven strategy in which local SEO specialists work to find a reliable website in the industry that offers link building opportunities.

Accurate and accurate reporting of Affordable SEO services for small business from SEO Experts Company India

SEO Experts India offers affordable SEO services for small businesses and provides regular and transparent reports on website promotion.

Types of reports sent to local SEO customers:
  • Site rating.
  • Link building and report navigation.
  • Website Analysis Report.

Google Maps-Local 3 Pack Ranking, SEO Experts, India:

Google maps and localized search results have a unique set of classification elements based on the Internet, Google My Business, and Quote.

SEO Experts Indian Citation Agency (NAP) for Local or Small Business:

Quotations are an essential part of local SEO results. Experts agree that quotes represent about 25% of all local rating factors. Creating local SEO and small business links is a long process. I have learned effective methods based on many years of experience. We consider this for every quote building project.

SEO Experts Company India optimizes geographic landing pages for small businesses:

In local and small SEO, optimizing content around local keywords is one of the essential parts of website optimization. Years of experience have taught me how to maximize content very accurately.

Google SEO Experts Commercial Google My Business Page Optimization in India:

Google My Business is responsible for 20% of the local search engine optimization. Create a 100% business profile and optimize by removing duplicates.

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How To Hire Professional SEO Expert In India

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Hiring SEO advisor, is significant as it dissects, audit, and improve sites, internet searcher execution, and approaching connections so as to give master counsel, direction, and suggestions to entrepreneurs looking to procure progressively normal web crawler traffic and higher-positioning positions. The expected set of responsibilities of Organic SEO Consultant has changed to incorporate complex aptitude prerequisites cantering upon content system and semantic watchword centre.

There is another arrangement of occupation expectations required to make enlightening and valuable substance alongside better client encounters. The SEO Service Provider expected set of responsibilities requires key, investigative, integrative, strategic, and basic speculation aptitudes to enhance interrelationships between internets based life, content quality scoring, foundation content (long-structure content), outrageous challenge, and client conduct all-while giving close consideration to the perpetual assault of Google web crawler calculation refreshes and online challenge.

Traits to watch out for
Nowadays SEO is considered to be a holistic approach for optimization of digital marketing space. While hire a SEO expert you must keep some underlying facts in your mind such as he/she should have experience in SEO, a proven track record of SEO success, he/she should be marketing savvy, he/she should have well rounded perspective and knowledge about the subject, he/she should have understanding of the big picture, SEO experts must interact with many different areas of a business including IT, marketing, customer service, analytics, and sales. The capacity of the SEO to function admirably with individuals from these groups is basic.

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The character, uprightness and correspondence style of the SEO needs to coordinate the association or progress will be hard. A good SEO doesn’t focus only on search engine rankings but how they can help your business. If the business is large it may hire multiple SEO’s to run audits and prioritize improvements, see what each has to say then decide who the business wants to work with .the business must let the potential SEO conduct technical and search audit to give you a polarize list of the improvements need to be done in your website. The SEO prioritize improvements with a structure like:-the issue, the suggested improvement, an estimate of the overall investment, estimated positive business impact either through ranking improvements or through providing agility to the business, plan of how to iterate and improve on the implementation or how to experiment and fail fast should results not meet expectations.

Technical audit

Review your site for issues related to:
  • Internal linking
  • Crawlability
  • URL parameters
  • server connectivity
  • response codes
Search audit Break down your search queries into categories Branded Example {Gmail}

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Unbranded Example {email} A SEO will provide recommendations to improve rankings for all type of queries and how to improve the searcher’s experience. They must introduce ideas like: update obsolete content or it has poor navigation, a useless Paige title or it is not user friendly and see if more user can be converted to purchase or avail the services of the business or even they can micro convert meaning they can subscribe or share content, improve internal linking SEO may tell you that some of your best articles are far away from the home Page they might recommend you to link it internally.

General SEO hiring process in India
  • Aptitude and written test
  • Initial round of interview
  • Final round of interview
  • Conduct a two way interview with your potential SEO. Check that they seem genuinely interested in you and your business.
  • Check their references
  • Ask for (and you will probably have to pay for) a technical and search audit.
  • Decide whether to hire or not
Note that in two way interview it is very necessary to see whether SEO expert seems to be interested and learning about your business through holistic standpoint or not. You can always notice this by looking into the questions he is asking about your business, because it would be certainly difficult to do good SEO without knowing about business goals, its competitors, their customers and other existing marketing efforts, SEO should complement your existing work.

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As far CTC of the fresher SEO expert are concerned it ranges between 1.8-4 lakhs, whereas experienced SEO expert may value around 30 lakhs.


In totality hiring SEO expert can be trickier one as it has multiple layers to it, especially in India it is recommended to conduct various screening tests and look for perfect candidate that can deliver for the company. 

Monday, February 3, 2020

How To Choose Best Digital Marketing Pricing Packages

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Every business wants more customers. If you are a business owner then you might be trying to grow your business using online mediums. Because Online marketing is the best way to promote business in today's world. Online marketing is also called as digital marketing. So if you were trying to grow your business revenue using digital marketing then, this could be the most important article for you.
The main purpose of digital marketing is to reach potential customers or audiences through various digital platforms. The use of these digital platforms is increasing exponentially day by day. If you really want to do the marketing of your business and want to target people on an online medium then Digital Marketing is a way to go. Digital Marketing Pricing Packages are explained in detail here.

What is Need of Digital Marketing for Business

The growth of any company mostly depends on its marketing strategies. Because proper marketing of your business will help you to get new customers and ultimately it will increase your revenue. But Marketing to potential customers is tricky because we don't know who is really interested in our business. And even though we know it is hard to reach them and showcase our services.

But with digital marketing, this problem gets solved. Now you can reach anyone using digital marketing. If you don't know how to use digital marketing for business then you can check different Digital Marketing Pricing Packages to choose the best for you. The final goal of digital marketing is to reach your customers and spread awareness about your business.

Types of Digital Marketing

There are different ways of online marketing that can be used to promote business. First, we have to understand what are the various online platforms where people are always present. In every Digital Marketing Pricing Packages, we must see what types of digital Marketing Services they are offering.

Search Engine Optimization - Google is the largest search engine in the world. Whenever anyone wants information about any services, they search on google. Search Engine Optimization SEO is an important service in Digital Marketing Pricing Packages which will improve your online presence on Google. This is part of digital marketing which helps your website to rank higher in google.

Search Engine Marketing or Pay per Click-  This is another service included in Digital marketing Pricing Packages in which we have to pay google to show our website in the top results of Google. This is also called as PPC or Pay Per Click in which we pay to google only when someone clicks on our website link and visit website. But PPC requires good knowledge of AdWords, therefore, you must hire any digital marketing agency.

Social Media Marketing - This includes promoting your business via social media like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc. Social Media marketing is of two types, organic and paid. You can do Facebook advertising paid campaigns and target your customers. Many digital agencies include these services in their Digital Marketing Pricing Packages.  But many companies also have separate SMM Packages.

Content Marketing - Spreading information about your business is a good idea to promote your business. You can do it simply using content marketing. Having a blog section for your business website will help to grow visitors on your website which you can convert them into your customers.

Email Marketing - It is part of digital marketing which includes promoting business by sending emails and newsletters to your potential customers. There are so many services that are included in digital marketing what services you will get I will depend on what digital marketing pricing package you choose.

Influencer Marketing - This is often a separate package and not included in the digital marketing package. Influencer marketing package includes promoting business with the help of online influencers such as YouTube, Instagram Stars.

Viral Marketing - This is another part of digital marketing to promote business organically, this includes services such as trending hashtags, Facebook viral videos, etc. Many companies do not include this in Digital Marketing Pricing Package and they have different packages for it.

How to choose digital marketing pricing packages

You may get confused about which package you should choose mini which provides and different pricing packages. Before choosing a new digital marketing agency visit very well about their previous works and portfolio. The first criteria you should consider while using digital marketing pricing packages is what services you actually need to grow your business. If your business website needs to rank in google then you should use SEO services, leads for your business then you can choose PPC services marketing services. Its final depend on you what you want. before choosing you should also consider and compare pricing provided by various companies. You will understand price and rates in the market. According to your needs, you can choose digital marketing pricing packages to which is suitable for your business.

Conclusion: Digital Marketing is a must for your business if you want to expand your business. Digital Marketing will help you in acquiring new customers. Also with the help of digital platforms you have chance to build brand.

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How to Choose Affordable SEO Packages and Services

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If you want to rank your website then SEO is the way to go. Nowadays every business has a website but not everyone ranks on Google's first page. Because there are thousands of other websites also which are competing with you. If your website is not ranking on the first page of google. It is very difficult for you to get visitors to your website.

Because stats show that 95% of people who search on Google never go to the second page of Google search. If you decided to do SEO for your business website then it is very important for you to know about the best affordable JDM Web Technologies Packages. Below you will get to know about Advantage of SEO and how SEO can help you to grow business.

What is SEO Actually

Most businesses operate offline. Therefore business owners are not aware of technical terms in Online Marketing such as SEO. If you have a business website then you must have at least a basic idea about SEO. SEO is a Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of making required changes in the website and also promoting the website organically to get better Google ranking for that website.

Every website needs high Google ranking therefore doing SEO for your website is a must. There are many affordable SEO packages provided by digital marketing agencies. Using their services you can Optimize your website to rank higher.

Search Engine Optimization consists of two parts, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization. There are many changes need to be made on the website so that Google understands your site better and ranks it higher. SEO services pricing differs based on what they are providing. Some companies provide only off-page SEO services. But if you want your website to rank higher in Google search engine, then both on-page and off-page SEO are important.

Affordable SEO Packages and Services

All businesses want more customers, and they are ready to invest in it. Businesses have to pay for the bill, salaries, marketing and many more. Therefore any business owner always likes to save money. They prefer to choose cost-effective but quality services. Outsource SEO Services can become costly. Therefore we recommend to go for affordable SEO Packages which are low cost, but also provide result oriented service.

There are many SEO Service Providing companies in India and across the world. You have to choose the Best SEO Services Pricing as per your needs. Not all good SEO services are affordable and also not all affordable SEO Packages gives good result. As we said earlier SEO is mainly divided into on-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Each of these types of SEO has its own benefits for website ranking. But for the ranking website on google, you must apply both SEO techniques on your website. While choosing any affordable SEO Packages, you must compare SEO services pricing and services included in those packages.

How SEO Help Your Business

Search Engine Optimization is now used by every company who is serious about ranking their website on google. But why businesses are trying to rank websites using SEO techniques. Now we have understood that it is possible to acquire customers from all over the globe with the help of the internet. But for that, your website must get visitors. The only way to get visitors from Google is to rank your website on the top pages of google.

Using SEO for a website gives you many benefits. SEO improves the visibility of your website on the search engines. Doing off-page SEO can also boost your website's referral traffic using sites like Quora and Reddit. This sends google signal that people are referring to your website and also on-page SEO factors like internal linking, website speed ultimately results in boosting the ranking of your website on search engine results.

How SEO Services Pricing is Set

If you are now ready to do Search Engine Optimization for your website, the next question will arise in your mind is which company or services you should choose to do SEO for your website. Most of the SEO Agency are providing Affordable SEO packages on a monthly basis. Because SEO is a continuous process. So you need to do SEO on regularly. In On-page SEO services, agencies will take care of your website SEO factors such as keyword Density, Title Tag, Meta Description, Internal Linking, Website Speed, Image Optimization, etc. They will also tell you to make changes in content in order to rank higher in google.

Off-page SEO consist of website promotion on different platforms. Earning or Making backlinks is a major part of off-page optimization. Because when a number of sites are referring to your website then it is good for a ranking of the website. The Pricing of any packages depends on how the agency going to provide on-page and off-page SEO. For example, in off-page SEO if agencies are providing backlinks from high authority sites then their package will be costly.

Conclusion: To rank your business website there is no other better option than. Therefore we recommend you to hire any Affordable SEO Services by comparing SEO Services Pricing of different companies.